Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Criminal Law is the body of law that relates to crime. It might be defined as the body of rules that defines conduct that is not allowed because it is held to threaten, harm or endanger the safety and welfare of people, and that sets out the punishment to be imposed on people who do not obey these laws. For matters that are termed 'summary crime' are matters that are heard before a Local Court Magistrate, and prosecuted by a Police Prosecutor. For serious criminal matters the Prosecution from the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) must prove all the elements that you have been charged with. Tasdemir Lawyers are experienced and have high-level advocacy skills in this complex area of criminal law. Tasdemir Lawyers regularly appear at Court ranging from the Local, District and Supreme Courts for our clients.


Commercial Law


Commercial law (also known as business law, which also covers corporate law) is the body of law that governs business and commercial transactions. It is often considered to be a branch of civil law and deals with issues of both private law and public law. Commercial litigation is the disputes which arises of the above law and is either contested in the courts or other alternative dispute resolution methods. Tasdemir Lawyers pride themselves on giving cost effective and sound commerical legal advice. Lawyers at Tasdemir Lawyers have experience with dealing with commerical matters  and have appeared in the Local, District and Supreme Courts in NSW. Having the correct legal advice can differentiate between a successful outcome for your commercial matter.



Family Law


​Family law is an area of the law that deals iith family related matters and domestic realaions. Family law includes:

  • Marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships (known as de-facto relationships);
  • Adoption and surrogacy;
  • Child abuse and child abduction;
  •  The termination of relationships and ancillary matters including divorce, annulment, property settlements, child support payments, consent orders for children.

The list is not exhuastive and in Australia family law matters are dealt within the Local, Federal Magistrates or Family Courts. It is important to obtain the right legal advice for your matter.


Conveyancing is the buying and/or the selling of houses or lands. In short, conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien. With local knowledge of the area, living in Port Macquarie, Tasdemir Lawyers will assist clients in this area.

Wills & Family Provisions


To ensure that your estate is given to the people that you care about when you die it is important to prepare a legal Will. You should make a Will even if you think you have little to leave. If you do not make a legal Will, your estate will be distributed using a fixed formula determined by the government. This formula is applied regardless of your situation.


What is a Will? A Will is a legal document that sets out how your property is to be divided after your death. Under the Will, an executor is appointed who will look after your estate.


One of the important things to remember when someone is making a family provision claim, is that all of the eligibility requirements have been met, and it’s also important to be mindful of the fact that all States and Territories have differing eligibility requirements. It’s vital for anyone who wishes to initiate proceedings that they seek the help of a lawyer who will be able to help – especially when proceedings encompass multiple jurisdictions.


Our team at Tasdemir Lawyers practices exclusively in Wills and Estates Law and are here to guide you through the process to the best possible outcome. If you are considering contesting a will, or if you have a question, we encourage you to call us on 6584 7032 for a free initial case assessment.